For Ultimate Pampering in Crested Butte, Colorado

Nail Room Signature Spa Manicure    $30    with Shellac Polish - $40
Sometimes you deserve a little luxury!  We provide wholesome nail care using the highest
quality natural products   Nails and cuticles receive exceptional care including exfoliation
using Solar Manicure or Creative’s Exfoliating Crystals and Activator to nourish the skin.
Allow 45 minutes

Paraffin Dip – Enhance your spa manicure by dipping your hands into warm vitamin-
infused paraffin wax and your skin will emerge glowing and feeling velvety soft. If you have
never had a paraffin dip you will be amazed at the difference it makes in the moisture level
of your skin. $10 additional charge

Nail Room Signature Spa Pedicure   $60   with Shellac Polish - $70
This is our signature pedicure! Experience luxurious and meticulous nail and cuticle care
using a collection of earth-derived products filled with natural ingredients rich in vitamins,
minerals, essential oils and antioxidants as well as conditioning agents to moisturize,
soothe and polish your skin. This pedicure includes a rejuvenating dip into warm vitamin-
infused paraffin wax to complete your pampering. Your skin will emerge absolutely glowing
and velvety soft. Allow 60-75 minutes.

Basic Pedicure   $50   with Shellac Polish $60
Enjoy all the basics in nail and cuticle care using natural products as well as a brief foot
massage.  Allow 45 minutes

Extra Callus Care – Hiking, biking and skiing take their toll on feet!  Enhance your basic
or spa pedicure and give your callused feet a bit of extra TLC by adding our special callus
care exfoliation process.  $10 additional charge. Allow additional 15 minutes

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Please be advised that during the busy and holiday season, advanced
appointments are required.

The Nail Room
Marjie Peterson, Owner
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Crested Butte, CO 81224
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